Hearing Hub Audiologist is based in Pretoria, South Africa. Offering Speech Therapy and Hearing Aids for children and adults.

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Hearing Hub Audilogists offers children and adults Speech Therapy and Hearing Aids, in Pretoria

Hearing Aids for Adults and children are fitted at Hearing Hub Audiologists. We provide Hearing Impairment Testing & Speech Therapy for children and adults.

Hearing Hub Audiologists is situated in Menlo Park & Hazelwood, Pretoria.

We cater for people of all ages, from babies which are a few weeks old to senior citizens.

Our approach to Audiology is one of a personal, professional and caring nature; to make the treatment of your or your child's hearing Impairment Testing, Hearing Aid fitting and Speech Therapy more enjoyable.

We adhere to Medical Aid Scheme Rates to make our services and an improved quality of life more attainable.

A portion of the purchase of your Hearing Aids may be tax-deductible.

We conveniently maintain and repair Hearing Aids.
We are suppliers of the latest leading brands of Hearing Aids, such as Oticon, Phonak and Unitron.

We will make the process of improving your hearing with Hearing Aids as easy as possible.

Feel free to contact us today for your all your hearing needs.

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Audiologists in Pretoria.
Good day people. My name is Gys Mouton and I’m hard of hearing with both my ears. Liza van Wyk help me when I was 5 years old and a little boy. Today I’m 30 years old and I’m still Liza’s patient. :-) Liza is wonderfull and always give her best for patients. Please,if you have a problem with you hearing/ears, go to Liza van Wyk. Friendly regards, Gys :-)
Date published: 10/10/2013
5 / 5 stars

Audiologists in Pretoria, SA.
Been with Liza for 20years +! I suffered a profound hearing loss as a kid and Liza fitted me with the best hearing aids for my loss. She is always available to help with maintenance and upgrades of the hearing aids. Liza is a gem for keeping up with my moods and be patient and caring towards my oh so sensitive ears. The environment is really friendly and welcoming. Will recommend the Hearing hub to anyone with a hearing loss. No need to suffer in silence.
Written by: Marisa
Date published: 10/10/2014
5 / 5 stars

Audiologists in Pretoria, SA.
Liza, net om dankie te se vir jou omgee en die gawe wat jy het om jou pasient(te) so spesiaal te laat voel (die nadeel / voordeel is hulle gee nie om, om weer te kom nie) maar die woorde van Roque Shneider se alles hoe julle / jy jou pasiente aanraak: “Love is the best music in the score of life. Without it, one would forever be out of tune in the immense choir of humanity.” Ek se beskeie: “you’re chosen to ease people’s lives.
Written by: Theo
Date published: 11/12/2014
5 / 5 stars

Audiologists in Pretoria, SA.
Geluk Liza!!!!! Jy is so goed!!! xxx
Written by: Tereza
Date published: 11/12/2014
5 / 5 stars

Audiologists in Pretoria, SA.
Hi Liza,
You asked my why I chose to call you in place of the others listed in the
yellow pages, and I know why.
It comes across in your advert that you are an approachable and friendly
And the friendliness comes across at your offices also, your staff are also
friendly and pleasant.
I always only support people who are friendly and value and appreciate my

Written by: Alan
Date published: 15/12/2014
5 / 5 stars





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