Hearing Hub Audiologist is based in Pretoria, South Africa. Offering Speech Therapy and Hearing Aids for children and adults.

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The process of testing your or you child's ears is made as stress-free, thorough and quick as professionally possible.

Hearing Hub Audiologists' hearing testing booth, in Pretoria
The prospective client, with a suspected hearing impairment is seated in the booth before the hearing test is started.

Hearing Hub Audiologists hearing testing in booth for hearing aids in Pretoria.
Liza, our Audiologist starts the hearing test from outside the booth, while looking through a window.

Hearing Hub Audiologists in Pretoria, provides hearing testing and hearing aids for adults and children.

Hearing Hub Audiologist testing hearing, examining ear, in Pretoria.
The prospective client's ears are carefully and closely examined during the hearing test.
Testing an adults hearing for the fitment of hearing Aids by Liza Van Wyk of Hearing Hub Audiologists in Pretoria.
Further testing is undertaken in another room.

Fitting of hearing aids during hearing test at Hearing Hub Audiologists, in Pretoria
The prospective client has a test fitment of hearing aids.






Hearing Impairments

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